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Mesa Double Rctifier using Helix in FX loop not with 4 cm


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Yes, you can, you just won't be able to put Helix FX in front of the amp, or toggle between Helix amps and your amp's preamp..


You take the FX Send from the amp to the Helix FX Loop Return, set that as the Input at the Input Block, then take the L/Mono Out back to the amp's FX Loop Return.

You're basically putting the Helix in the amp's FX Loop.


In addition to not being able to put FX in front of your amp, with 4cm, the amp's preamp is in the Helix FX Loop, and by setting an amp and the FX Loop Block to the same footswitch, you can toggle between the Helix amps and your amp's preamp.


Did somebody tell you that it would sound better going straight from your guitar into the amp vs going 4cm?

It doesn't. You just lose a whole lot of functionality.

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i just know plugging it straight in sounds fantastic i love the sound of  that amp,i've used amp modelers for 20 years since the line 6 Pod & just want to hear the sound a real amp & the FX of the Helix with a few of the amps mostly Acoustic guitar sound a couple of Fenders

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Fair enough. Just keep in mind that putting OD/Distortion effects in a loop vs in front of the amp is not the same, and you won't be able to (most effectively) use Helix amps unless you split your guitar signal before the amp and Helix and create separate presets for each signal path.

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