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Powercab 212+ vs two EV ZLX 12P's


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Would like to know if anyone has done a comparison.  For my setup at home I have the Helix Lt hooked to a DT25 using the l6link (this is my stage setup for monitoring my stage sound).  I run XLR L an R cables to a berringer XR18 mixer which has two EV ZLX 12P's hooked to it (this simulates the FOH for shows).  This gives me a beautiful full sound!  I have the helix set so the big knob controls digital only.  This sends a full signal out of the XLR's to the board and lets me control my stage volume (dt25) with the big knob.  Again, this works great.


I love the DT25 and have two of them.  I have two of them because they are (at least in my case) very fragile.  One DT25 died when I was trying to upgrade it to 2.0 to be able to use it with the Helix.  Because the DT25 is fragile, I've been thinking about using powercabs (either two cab pluses or one 212) for gigs.


Then today, I thought... hey, why not just use the EV ZLX's instead.  If I am not mistaken, wouldn't that be the same as using the FRFR part of the powercabs?


So my question (I know, finally:O) is has anyone done a comparison between the powercabs and using the EV ZLX's for live gigs.  Mainly for on stage monitoring.  I used to use the zlx sometimes with the HD500x for gigs when the DT25 was in the shop and that sounded pretty good.  Did not quite cut through though.


Thanks everyone, I look forward to seeing what you guys think!



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