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Advice Needed: Shuriken SR270 or SR250 & magnetic pickup sound


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Am considering right now Line 6 Shuriken Variax SR270 or SR250? I realize on has extra length. Any advice on this?


Also I wonder if I'm better off with the 59 or 69 or 89 because of the magnetic pickups? Notherwards without modeling how much do you get out of one (1) pickup?


Can't find anything on youtube -- it's always the grunge or heavy metal and etc.

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I have the SR250 and the JTV-59.  Both are good.   I use them for modeling plugged into my Helix, so I can't comment on the magnetic pickups.  I can say they are different styles and play very differently.  I haven't plugged them into a different amp/system than the Helix, but I am reasonably certain you can save the pickup configuration directly to the Variax so even with the SR250, you could model a bridge pick-up when plugged into a non-helix amp.


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