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They finally added a Blackface Princeton Reverb with a 10" .  One of the best recording amps....period.  Why not add a Blackface Super Reverb.  Robben Ford ( I recorded "Talk To Your Daughter" ...the whole album) has a Dumble Super Overdrive yet is playing a Super Reverb...along with a whole slew of other great guitarist.


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The DR has more midrange than the SR and it's also just a little bit "pointy" in the middle, for lack of a better word.

The mids are definitely the biggest difference (other than tube type and power output) between the two.


I also would like a SR block but in the meantime you could use a DR amp block (amp only, no cab) and then add a 410 cab and then beef up the bottom and add more sparkle on top.

The use of an EQ block after the cab could be of some help here as the tone stack frequency centres are a bit different between the DR and the SR.

That could get you at least closer to the SR than you might be now.

I typically use an EQ block after a DR block for exactly this reason.

I prefer the SR over the DR every time; both in real life as well as in Helix modelling.

I've tried a TR block in the same way and I personally think the DR block works better with the 410 cab block.


One thing though and this is just my own opinion, I have my doubts that we'll see a SR block developed.

L6 seems to cater more to heavy rock, thrash and metal users than country, country/rock, blues or lite rock users.

At least that's been my personal observation, anyway.

I just don't envision the SR to be very high on the priority list.

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