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Summing Acoutic Direct Out And Mic'd Dt50(or 25) Down To One Line For The Foh

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New to the Dream Rig setup, but so far love it.  Found a cool way to get a direct out of the Pod HD and have a mic'd DT amp sent to the FOH via one line without any extra summing pre's, mixers, etc.  Check it out.


Routing Acoustic Output with Variax, POD HD500, and DT Amps


There's also another option, if you're wanting to bypass the DT for acoustic presets and only run 1 line to your FOH while still using your mic'd DT..


1.) Assign input 1 source to Variax, and assign audio output 1(left) to your DT50.

2.) Make sure your mixer is hard panned left and right in all patches you intend to use.

3.) Assign input 2 to your mic input.

4.) For electric patches, only use the top signal path for guitar effects, amps, etc.

5.) Run your mic line from your mic'd amp to the HD500 mic input, and adjust the input gain accordingly

6.) Run an XLR from the right output of your POD HD to your stage snake or mixer.

7.) If necessary, you can add EQ, Compression and other effects to the lower signal path to alter the mic'd amp's signal.

8.) For acoustic patches, route the variax to input 2, and only use the lower signal path.


This does add a hint more latency for electric patches since you're processing the signal twice, but it's fairly neglegable and allows you more versatility to altering and saving your sound.

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Why on earth go through all that trouble?  Are you still using the L6 link?  If so then your POD is not in Studio Direct, if not then you are losing all the advantages it gives you.  Try the patch I created below to just play acoustic through the DT with L6 link.  It really does the trick bro...  Then you can just run either the XLR out from your DT or mic it if you want and do all your patch changes in the POD.  Much easier and sounds better too...



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Sounds great, thanks for the advice!  I kinda wish you could assign the Studio EQ's independently from the L6 Link, but I guess we can't have everything.

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