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Line 6 Power cab w/ Strymon Iridium, What is difference between "HF" off and "Flat"


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I try to answer your question with the risc someone will correct me :-)


What is best will come to what you are after and taist. I use Flat/FRFR and a few of the speakers in Speaker mode

The difference 

- HF Off/Natural - You are then in speaker mode (amp in the room) and that setting turn off the the compassion/hf driver and give the built 12" speaker own character/sound. No speaker modulation and no eq.

- Flat setting (FOH/studio mode) is the top level of FRFR, LF Flat and LF Raw. The first two are EQ'd to a flat range flat response with/without the compression driver. LF Raw is without compression driver and no EQ. I have not tested difference between HF Off/Natural and LF Raw. 


General in Speaker mode you use amp without cab or IR, that's done in the PC+. In Flat mode you need the speaker emulation as a cab or an IR in attached emulator or in the PC+.


Hope I understood your question correct...




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If Iridium is setup as Amp+Cab sim, then Flat/FRFR is the best choice.


If you setup the Iridium as Amp sim only, then you can use Speaker sim on the Powercab, and then access and dial with HF, but that's about personal taste.

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