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Helix native through "USB mixerface" ?


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Hello forum,


I'll soon update my current computer (old Mac) and with that I will lose support for my just-as-old USB 1 sound card (Focusrite Safire 6 USB, the USB 1.1 version).

My dilemma is whether I'll buy a new USB sound card or if I'll go for a mixer with interface functionality, such as the Behringer Flow 8 or the Zoom Livetrack (I know, these are two very different products). What I'm not sure about though is whether these USB "Mixerfaces" will work with Native in the way I'm used to and will give a reasonable latency (I'm currently at around 7 ms, which is acceptable). Thus, guitar to the board -> PC with Native -> back to the board into monitors/ headphones. 


Anyone have experience with these kind of products? Apart from the obvious, any pros/ cons versus a dedicated sound card?


I particularly like the Zoom Livetrack 12 as it will allow me to also connect some external synths/ keyboards and (hopefully one day again) can be used for my bands. 



Thank you !!

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I don't own either product, but here's my 10 cents: you might want to try those product's forums or websites for info on latency, unless you luck into finding someone who has used them here. I will say this .... I've been impressed with everything I've used that was made by Zoom. Its quality stuff. Behringer has been hit or miss for me (I like their X-Air and X-Touch line). I just checked out the Livetrack stuff on the Zoom website, and it looks quite impressive. I looked at user reviews on Sweetwater (always good to check) and they are positive.


Also, if you getting a newer Mac, that, along with a newer USB interface, should give you less latency than you were used to.

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Thanks !! 


Yes, I've seen many reviews/ demo's of the Zoom, but most if not all of them do not address this specific use case. I may just end up ordering one and see if it works. If it doesn't I may return it. The Livetrack would be a bit overkill in terms of inputs at the moment, but like I said hopefully in the near future we'll be able to gout to play again and then this mixer might become very handy (also because at least two of us will transition to IEMs). 


Good to know the latency will improve. If it can get to around 5 ms, that would be perfect. Need to say that I personally don't experience any issues at the moment with the +/- 7ms, at least for my current use as a locked-down-amateur (I'm not that great of a player anyhow ;-)) 

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I personally get bothered above 10 ms. Below 7 is great. 5? Yeah!!


If you can get that mixer locally with a 30-day return, that would be ideal. I get bugged by the mail-order places that offer free shipping, then if you return an item you end up paying for the shipping both ways!! That's the primary reason I've been ordering more from Amazon Prime than Sweetwater (or similar).

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