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The volume knob of my HD500X is moving without toching it

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I´m having a issue with mi HD500X, the volume knob start moving without touching it, also,  if i put the volume knob all the way up (for example), the POD shows a different position in the screen (maybe 3/4)


This issue is really annoying, as sometimes I save a preset with the volume in 3/4, and If i have the knob in 50%, it could decrease the volume while I´m playing.


sometimes this doesn´t happend, but, must of the time it does.


Has anyone had the same problem? how can i solve it?


Thank you in advance for your comments.




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The expression/volume pedal sensor is an optical sensor.  It is probably out of calibration.


I have a similar problem with my older Pod XT Live.


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