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Octoverb downgrated?


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17 hours ago, arislaf said:

After updating to 3.1 does the Octoverb become weaker? Or is my mind? 



I seriously doubt that they have downgraded anything in the HX series - they made the claim that the increased over sampling is a subtle but good improvement. Apart from adding the new Dynamic Hall, the last time that the reverbs had any changes was when they were made “wetter” at user’s request.

I will check out the Octoverb when I’m in the studio later, although it’s not a reverb that I use that much.


Let’s hope your mind is not becoming weaker.


Hope this helps/makes sense.


EDIT: 5 hours later - I fired up my Helix and stuck the Octoverb behind a Jazz Rivet - seems O.K. here.

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