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External amp connection?

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Hello, I am a new owner of Helix.  Finally got it working with headphones after trouble downloading 3.10.  However, I cannot get my Fender external amp connected.  To start, I really wanted to use the helix as a pedal board.  I hear this is doable.  I have guitar connected to guitar in and then "ext amp" running to my amp via 1/4 inch cable.  Do I need to change a global or other setting somewhere to make this work.  Any suggestions appreciated....Thank You

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The "Ext Amp" jack is used to control the channel footswitch on your amp or enable/disable reverb, et..  It's not for audio.


Connect the Helix 1/4" Left/Mono Output to the front of your amp instead.


Don't use amp or cabinet sims into the front of your amp, for best results.  Or, use them, but plug into the FX return of your amp so the Helix is the preamp.


The Helix is a complex beast.  You should really consider reading through the manual in the future.  At least read up to the end of the Quick Start section.

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