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X3 Live Exp Pedal Only Works In Safe Mode

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Hi there.


I couldnt find an answer to my problem on the web so im asking here now.


My X3L's expression pedal stopped working. Since im out of warranty, i opened it and checked for solder problems and also cleaned the sensors, all seems fine.


Then i rememberd that theres the Safe Mode with pedal calibration, so i fired it up and to my surprise the pedal worked, as in i was able to calibrate it (it goes smoothly from 0-255) and it also showed the "P" for passed settings (i think?)


However, it doesnt do a thing in normal mode, neither in Wah, Volume nor Tweak mode. It also doesnt switch the Wah/Vol LEDs when using the toe switch, but im not to sure if it even does that in the first place since i only use it in Tweak mode.


I already tried it with factory resets + firmware rollbacks.


I dont really know what else i could try.


Do i have to save/apply the changes i made in Safe Mode, appart from saving the calibration itself with the D stomp knob?


Would be nice if someone could suggest anything, or maybe even had this problem before and solved it.





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I like your question, you can put a similar tone into tone1 and tone2, then open the double tone, then pedal can work, but only one tone at work. I guess that is where the software is wrong, no way, only this first with it.

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