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Fbv Express As Dt25 Controller


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Anyone used the FVB Express Mkii pedal as a MIDI controller to change between channels A/B and select Voicings on the DT25/50?


Looking at the manual, this should work using a USB to MIDI cable and the LIne 6 FVB edit software.




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If so that is a shame, Line 6 should provide a contoller for the DT amps especially now you can have the 8 preset tones.


You can get USB to MIDI cables and the edit sotware runs on MIDI control CC parameters, are you 100% certain it does not work??

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you can't get MIDI out of the FBV pedals... its a digital signal...

that and if you think you have "8 preset tones" you very much do not understand the DT amps...

not to mention... if you're controlling it entirely by midi... there's no limit to how many "tones" you could configure... 

(other than whatever limits you would have on your midi controller)


again... i highly advise against this.... because there are so many things you CAN'T control via midi... mainly the volumes etc...

that you'd blow your eardrums switching around....

best to accept it as a 2 channel amp... 

just use a pod if you want any more control than that.

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yes... for SOFTWARE packages on the computer VIA a USB connector... (you didn't mention using a computer... you wanted to use it with a DT amp)


it does not output midi.... as in direct out to a midi cable that you could plug into a midi device... sorry if that was unclear...

the output of the FBV pedal is a proprietary RJ45 cable that transmits midi digitally to line6 devices that accept an FBV connection... not to ones that do not have an FBV connection... such is the case for the DT amps.

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