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Accidentally pressing the effects loop button kills dead me dead live


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So here’s the thing. Loving the pod go and replacing my massive and heavy valve rig. But I seem to have to have a button assigned to the effects loop which I don’t use and no big deal DSP and all that. But...I keep pressing it accidentally live and without anything in the loop it just kills me. silence. Great for a mute if you want it but not mid solo! Can I do anything from preventing this happening without sticking something in the loop that I don’t need or desire? It’s been a serious issue. 

advice appreciated 



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From the Bypass/Control screen select the FX Loop block and press ACTION. Use knob 1 to clear the footswitch bypass assignment.

(see manual for more detail. Too bad you hadn’t seen this earlier, since it’s been a serious issue for you. Maybe there’s other useful stuff in there?)



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 As Silverhead rightly said, you can unassign the fx loop.


But did you also know that you can  assign any footswitch slot for anything you want? I  reassign the fx loop slot as a main out 3db clean level boost for lead solos.


Did you also know you can change the position of any block or easily swap the position of two blocks?  I reposition the new 'level' block to bottom left so it's easy to stomp and not miss-hit for solos. 


It's amazing what you can pick up just by reading the manual.  There are also lots of useful things that are in the official Line 6 Pod Go videos and other videos on YouTube.   Pod Go is a very flexible unit, and whilst it's intuitive in many areas, there are a lot of things that aren't so obvious, so it's definitely worth investing some time to get to know it in more detail.

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