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Question to PC212+ / PC112+ owners: cooling fan, or not?


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haven't found the instance mentioned anywhere in documentation, or posts in this forum (or else, actually), so i can only hope in a reply by any actual owner:

• do PowerCab 112+ and PowerCab 212+ have internal cooling fan(s) for the amp(s) that are housed inside, or just a passive heatsink somewhere?

• and, if you know that one or more fans are in there, can you actually hear it when the PowerCab is being miked in a studio setting, when idling in between takes or phrases?

i'm seriously considering either of them for purchase, but i'm worried that they may have been designed for their real killer application: providing the ultimate guitar amp experience, in connection to a Helix device, loud and live on a stage, or louder – at which a whirring cooling fan wouldn't be heard at all. 

in an otherwise typical setting, alternative but real, such as a recording session, together with one koto- and one shakuachi player, only a fanless design would make it usable – or a quite smart logic function behind a colling fan, one that seriously drives it at high speed only when at a very high SPL output).

can any owner / user share this piece of information, please, with this humble newbie here?

wholehearted thanks in advance for your feedback!

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9 minutes ago, rd2rk said:

PC212. No fan. just made my evening, rd2rk, with the best piece of news i could hope for. now PC212 it's an option, a real possible choice. thank you!

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Just FYI - These are ported cabs. As the speakers move, air is moved in/out of the cab thru the ports.

Class D amps don't get all that hot anyway, and the small bit of air moving does the trick.

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