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Editor for Mac OS.


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Starting to feel a little aggrieved. I bought my Helix LT in March 2020 (just in time to only be able to use it in rehearsal!) Before buying I had read so many reviews saying how great it was with the updater and the editor software. Out of the box I realised I had a problem as the software wasn't supported by Mac OS. How can this situation possibly be?  I'm now on to Mac Big Sur and while the updater software is available the editor still isn't and it no longer appears that Line 6 are looking to address this problem. Mac is perfect for my music recoding and production needs offering as it does Logic Pro. Come on Line 6 where is the editor software to use in Mac Big Sur? I really don't want to have to fork additional money out for a Windows system I'd only ever use for my Helix Lt. Not having editor software means I can't download any available presets available from third party developers :0(

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9 hours ago, simoinlanzarote said:

Starting to feel a little aggrieved.


Uh? Why?


The release notes for the latest Firmware/HX Edit states:


Compatible OS: Mac OS X, Mac OS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur


Hope this helps/makes sense

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Did you download the latest version?

I just transferred from El Capitan (I know .... ancient) on an old Mac to Big Sur on a Mac mini M1. Runs perfectly fine, as does Helix Native (in Ableton; Rosetta)



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10 hours ago, simoinlanzarote said:

Thanks all for the replies. Been a while since I visited this site because after many months of waiting and regular checking I thought I'd never see a version of editor compatible with Big Sur but you're all quite right and they have now (finally) supplied a version.




There was one available when you first asked the question, but, OK...

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