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When I download Preset / Sound it does not show me his snapshots. help please!


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I need help!
Once upon a time, when I would download presets from the site, they would probably come up with their snapshots. Maybe I accidentally touched something, I dont know.
But today, when I download Frist I get it without the snapshots.
For example there is a preset that I downloaded last month,

and the exact same preset that I added again now.

And suddenly he has no snapshots. What can I do? Anyone know?

See photos.

the problem.jpg


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Any possibility you were the one who named the snapshots in the older version?  Are the contents/settings of the snapshots in the first screenshot the same as the second but just named generically with the defaults(e.g. "Snapshot 1")? Try exporting the old one in the second screenshot that is working properly and then importing it.  Does that work? If so I would say that there is a good chance that your download is simply a different version of the preset, even if it appears the same as the one you downloaded initially.


Also as always, check in HX Edit if 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' is showing HX Edit 3.10 with the firmware at 3.11(assuming you are on the latest version).

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