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Hello everybody,  I would like to solve an issue that is driving me mad... I have my hx stomp with a line6 mission expression control and an external midi controller. in general setting I assigned the footswitch 5 (the mission one) to pass from exp pedal 1 to exp pedal 2. When I connect my midi controller (that has 4 different modes) in Red mode (preset up/down) it changes also the job of the expression pedal FS. This is why in global setting you can set 5 footswitches but in my case they are 6. It seems a bit twisted... but i can make video to make it clear :)

Thank you


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A pure MIDI pedal like that with dedicated (non-programmable) footswitches should not have that affect.

With MIDI over USB and MIDI Thru enabled, install a MIDI Monitor on your computer and watch what happens when you turn ON the TX.

It should send nothing when first turned on except possibly the messages required for the default HXS MODE (CC#71 Value 0-6).

When the switches are pressed it should send only the CC#s required for the designed functions (see page 60 of the HXS 3.0 manual).

If that is the case, look elsewhere for the problem.

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