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Helix 3.0 Nashville Tuning Preset


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I've been fooling around with the pitch shifting options a lot, and thought y'all might enjoy this preset. If you're not familiar with Nashville tuning, it has the same 1st and 2nd strings as a regular guitar, but uses the octave-higher strings from a 12-string set for the 3rd - 6th strings. This creates a bright, present sound that's been used on a number of hit songs in both rock and country .


A Nashville tuning part is usually layered with a standard rhythm guitar part, so this preset mixes the dry guitar and the "faux" Nashville tuning sound. It's not totally authentic, because the 1st and 2nd strings are an octave higher too. Then again, if it was possible to do that with a regular guitar, maybe that's what Nashville tuning would be using.


This preset is designed for the bridge pickup, and strummed chord parts. I hope you enjoy it!



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