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Fx loop, 4 cable, etc.


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After 4 months with the pod go i still get a crappy tone when compared to my vox pathfinder.


What i dont understand is how i can use the amps from the pod go: 4cm? Fx loop?

this video shows the three ways of using a pod go but unfortunately he doesnt show how you connect the cables. 

Now im using a marshall 50as amp with fx return. I thought an acoustic amp wouldnt color the tone as much.

so, how do i connect the cables and what settings do i have to have in the system menu to use the pod go, its amps and effect? 

and what is the difference between using the fx loop and 4cm? 


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Dude, do an IR of the amp that do you want to use and use it. An amp it's an amp and a FRFR it's a FRFR, don't try to use an amp as a FRFR. With an IR of your amp you could use all pre amps models, but cabs sims: you only have to use the IR of the in use amp if you want to sound great. It took me 1 year learn this. YouTube it's plenty of videos of how to do an IR. Also you could just use your POD Go hooked to amp return or 4CM, always sounding great.

Good luck.

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