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Using a mic with 500x


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So when I got my dt50 amp I decided to get a 500x to go with I'm still learning some things but have a pretty good grip on it I think, mostly I run L6 link and dt50 or if I'm recording or want to utilized the stereo effects I'll use the pod as an interface with ableton or use my studio monitors straight from the pod with xlrs. I am saving up for a decent smaller pa system but in the meantime I ran across a used Peavey solo personal pa system cheap and grabbed it it's a battery or plug powered speaker basically, but built kinda like a small amp 


I'm got it mainly for vocals while I save up for a real pa and for small venues or busking... it doesn't sound bad honestly and seeing as how my music room is small anyway it really works perfect 

 Anyway what I was wondering is there a way for me to use my dt50 with l6 link and also use  just a vocal line with effects ran to the Peavey? I can run the mic straight to the Peavey and it does the job but I was wondering if it could work in conjunction with the 500x while I was using the dt50 with l6 link for my guitar? 


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If I'm reading your question correctly, yes plug your XLR microphone into the XLR input on the back of the HD500X. Start with the gain knob, back there next to the XLR input, turned all the way up. Then, using the HD500x editor, route channel B to the Mic. Keep Channel A on your Guitar. Now you have two signal paths, Mic and Guitar, that each can have their own FX blocks. When you get to the mixer, route channels A/B to L/R so the two signals come out their own L/R outputs. Be aware that 1) you lose stereo output, and 2) if you put any stereo FX after the mixer then you'll mix up the MIC and Guitar audio.


I'm writing this from memory, so I hope I got this right...

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