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A close call with a cheap TRS jackplug...

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I had my JTV59 on a stand with the USB lead plugged in to my Mac so I could upload a few banks to it. I needed a jack plug in the socket to turn on the power. Rather than walk across the room to a cabinet full of leads and crap I grabbed a Shure headphone 3.5mm to quarter inch adapter and plugged it in. On came the power as expected and all went smoothly until I tried to remove it whereupon the thing fell apart leaving the tip and ring deep inside the socket.
Luckily after much digging around I found a suitable pair of long nosed pliers capable of grabbing the plastic parts of the insulation between the tip and the ring and was able to get it all out.

The adapter is obviously not designed to handle the tension of the jack spring in an instrument socket. The only connection between the different sections seems to be just a sort of metal prong carrying the signal.

It would have been a bit embarrassing taking that problem to a repair guy, or even worse damaging the output socket and having to open a service ticket with Line6 .  

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