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C'mon Line6...give us the real deal


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First off, HX modeling is incredible....when playing through an actual guitar cab, you can't tell things apart from the real thing. The modeling is spot on. 


However, I'm very disappointed with the Litigator model. It just doesn't sound or feel right....something 'flat' and 'dead' about it. 


This cannot be the best Dumble model on the Line6 platform?!?


It would so good if you could model a real Dumble or one of the clones - suggestion Fuchs ODS50. The ODS50 is like a saxophone for guitar players....captures a lot of that Dumble warm, sustaining, singing tone. 


I would buy a pedal...but would be great to have an actual model. I think Vertex makes a great pedal that captures the rawer, tweedier side of Dumbles (I think it's Clip A - love that tone!)


Dumble Amp vs. Pedal - YouTube

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As stated repeatedly by the designer (search over on TGP) it's NOT a Dumble.

As is well known, all Dumbles were made specifically for the original purchaser, so no two Dumbles sound the same, and therefore can not be accurately modeled.

Insofar as there is a clone that people think sounds like some Dumble or other, the Fuchs seems to be the one, and it's at least well thought of by Dumble fans, so I do hope they model it.

Go over to Ideascale (there's nobody here from Line6) and search for Fuchs, then VOTE for all of the posts by those who didn't search before posting.

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11 hours ago, rosskoss said:

I'm very disappointed with the Litigator model

As mentioned by “rd2rk” - here’s what the guy who created that model (among others) says:


Hope this helps/makes sense.


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