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Tone Request Hd500


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Hi all, hoping one of you tone dudes could have a go at making this Satch sound....



I absolutely love it but can't get anywhere near it on my HD500! Obviously a lot to do with his guitar and technique but some help getting something close would be greatly appreciated. I love the dynamics of it's clean when lightly picked but breaks up with harder picking.


Is there a new thread for tone requests? There was one on the old forums but I can't see one on here...


Thanks in advance to any kind person who can help me get this sweet tone...

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Thanks for the link bibrew. Good site.


Triryche, I'm pretty clueless on programming/tweaking which was part of the attraction to Line6 because of custom tone. Guess I should give it a try but it seems like such a huge subject and steep learning curve! I will have a go though.


Meanwhile, is anyone willing to have a go at getting this tone for me? There used to be a thread for tone requests on these forums.....

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