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Toggle between Stomp and Snapshot mode.


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Im new to Helix, and will like to set up my Helix Control (and rack) so I can toggle between snapshot mode and stomp mode on the FS6 on the Helix control.

At the moment I only have the option to toggle between stomp and preset mode. I can enter the snapshot mode by pressing both bank button at once, but then I can not toggle back to Stomp mode.

And here a wishing list, that might not be possible:

1. is it possible to assign 2x8 blocks to the stomp mode, giving me the possibility to toggle between the first 8 and the second 8 bloks with, say, the "bank buttons"

2.  is there any way to use the two Bank buttons for other use than Bank up and down?

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5 hours ago, SteffenA said:

2.  is there any way to use the two Bank buttons for other use than Bank up and down?



I realise you are specifically asking about the Helix Rack unit, but this may be of some interest to you regarding the “Command Centre” being used for changing the functions of the Bank buttons. 

Also, see Helix Rack/ Control 3.0 Owner’s Manual page 14 & 15 for info about Stomp and Preset Mode switching, although the Scribble Strip display changed on the latest firmware update.

Hope this helps/makes sense



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Thanks Datacommando, that was useful.

If anyone is an export in the use of command center, can you correct me if Im wrong about how I found out this works:

1. The command center only effects the buttons that appear in stomp mode. It is not possible to customise the buttons in the preset mode.

2. All though there is an option to costumize FS1 and FS7, the bank up and down buttons, these does not change when in stomp mode. this must be a bug.

3. You can not change the bank up and down buttons functionality to say, a block on/off, in the control center or by assigning block on off using the "Action" button.

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