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Tuning SR270 in B?


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I just received a SR 270 and I wanted to know if someone has tried to tune it in B ? Would it be without risk?  What would be the maximum gauge for the nut? 

Sorry, I'm French and my English is not very good. 

Thanks for the answers and best regards





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Your English fine, better than my dinner table French.


What phli_m said.

Piezos require a certain string tension level to transfer vibrations into electronic impulses. Physically tuning down below 1-1/2 steps goes the edge

of pitch tracking capabilities. Making use of the free Workbench HD application would take care of that,...  https://line6.com/software/


Do not use a string set higher than 11-gauge, anything higher would be too large for the string nut, so there could be secondary vibration issues.

You thought through enough to consider that,... tre bien.




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