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Helix Native Error in Logic Pro X

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Hello !

Few hours ago, I tried to use Helix Native free trial in logic pro

First, I installed Helix Native.

but in logic, I couldn't find helix native on track effector.

So I open the preference -> plug in manager.

I found the message "couldn't be opened" on Helix Native.

I pressed the Reset&Rescan selection, and I couldn't see this message.



validating Audio Unit Helix Native by Line 6:

    AU Validation Tool
    Version: 1.8.0 
    Copyright 2003-2019, Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Specify -h (-help) for command options

Manufacturer String: Line 6
AudioUnit Name: Helix Native
Component Version: 3.1.0 (0x30100)

* * PASS
Time to open AudioUnit:         308.350 ms
Time to open AudioUnit:         260.302  ms
This AudioUnit is a version 3 implementation.
FATAL ERROR: Initialize: result: 4099

validation result: couldn’t be opened



How can I use Helix Native free trial?

and I'm using M1 macbook pro.

Please help me T_T and sorry about my English.

Thank you.

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I’m having the same issue with an M1 Mac, whereas with an older MacBook Pro I didn’t have any issues at all. For the record, I can run helix native on Luna on the M1 MacBook.

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