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Ok, so I have had my POD HD500X for a while and I recently played at a church with a really big sound system. The problem was that my POD was not sending a loud enough signal to where the gain on the mixer was distorting the sound from boosting the gain. (My dad who I was talking with who has run sound for 35+ years and said that unless the sound is distorted coming out of the board turning up the gain should not distort it.)  Is this on the mixer side or my side? I have used the sam patch at my PA system at home and it works fine with no need to boost the gain. But with other systems I need to boost the gain to almost 40+dB. Is their an overall output gain on the board I need to turn up? I usually go XLR out. I don’t know what to do. Any help is appreciated!!! I can give you the patch if wanted. 

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13 hours ago, Guitar_Trovis said:

with other systems I need to boost the gain to almost 40+dB


The POD XLR outputs provide (only) MIC level signals, so they should be connected to mixer channels set to accept MIC (low) level signals, so that they can be amplified appropriately.


Mixer channels set up to accept LINE (high) level signals are not suitable for amplifying MIC (low) level signals because in this case exaggerated gain level would be required which would at least noticeably increase the mixer channel preamp floor noise.


So, when your only option is to connect the POD to mixer channels set for LINE level signals, you shouldn't use the POD XLR outputs for the connection but the jack outputs instead, and make sure the 1/4 "OUT switch next to the pedal is set to LINE. Doing so the POD will provide LINE level signals.



All about POD HD500/X

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