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Shortboard lights up, then goes dark on startup now

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Hi guys 


i sold my amp(spider v240) and mkll shortboard and the buyer is telling me that when he plugs in the shortboard mkll, it flashes modulation, reverb and well as the lcd screen flashes yellow where it says tom sayer.


he did say he was trying to "calibrate" it ? but idk what that means. He tried switching cables and nothing chnages. and i made him try other presets and he said it doesnt change it.


How do we fix this. Now hes saying it doesnt work.

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I'd like to know what he means by calibrated as well. Did he do some type of up date?  


I've heard that if it's registered to you and then somebody comes in and tries to register without your registering, there might be issues with updates...correct me on this  If I'm not accurate

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