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Your Pod Go is functioning normally. You've hit the DSP (digital signal processing) limit and the effects greyed out indicate you don't have the processing power left to select those effects. 


All modern MFX work in a similar way. You get huge choice but some choices 'cost more' than others. For new users, especially those who are used to older style FX pedals that give less options but where you can't run out of processing power, it takes a mindset adjustment. But you will get used to it. 


In Pod Go you can select UP TO 4 user fx blocks, but you could run out before then. Certain effects like spring reverb use up a lot of your available DSP, as do certain amp choices e.g. a jumped Marshall Plexi. 


Manufacturers like Zoom and Mooer either show how much processing power is used via a meter, or they show a percentage figure (e.g. 28%) by each amp and effect listed in the units menu, so you know how much you are using. Line 6 doesn't do this as they want people to select models by the tone they like, rather than be 'distracted' by meters. 


In my view, I think Line 6 are 100% WRONG!  Your very confusion ( and you are far from alone here!) demonstrates that many users, especially when they first get Pod Go, don't really understand about DSP usage and DSP management whereby you can select different but similar effects that have a lower DSP 'cost' thus releasing DSP to be used elsewhere. 


Fortunately, and with no thanks to Line 6, an independent guy has published a very accurate list of every amp and FX model that shows the DSP cost of each model in Pod Go and Helix devices.  The site is here, just look for the Pod Go columns:



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