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Tone doesnt match between Helix Native and Floor.


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The same tone applied to Dry signal and recorded through Floor Unit arent close.  Id like to get them close so i can play the same tone Live as recorded.

Process i followed.

1.Record to DAW on Input 1 (Floor Tone) and Input 7 Dry DI tone.

2. Drag preset from HX Edit to Native to keep tones Identical 


Then when i playback they are substantially different, one being tinny and one feeling compressed.   Ive tried 2 DAWs, Studio One and Mixcraft.


Originally i thought it was that the DRY signal helix records is SO low that the waveform comes out stepped in Mixcraft, but it doesnt waveform seems okay in Studio one.  GOing crazy, any tips appreciated.

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You should be able to match your tones if you have a decent computer and your USB is going direct into it (no hubs). Have you tried adjusting your input and output levels in Native? That can have a major effect on Native's tone.(Its normal that the dry signal from input 7 look way too low). Also, be certain nothing changed in your Helix preset (IR, fx presets, etc). You might want to start with an empty preset on your Floor and Native first,  get levels equal, then add a single block (like an amp), then build from there.


Also make sure you are monitoring through the same speakers and system when comparing...

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Hi Sounddog

USB direct to Computer (high powered Win 10 laptop but not amazing for audio).   

I havent adjusted input and output levels in Native - will try that next - it seems that dynamic range is way different so this could help

The preset was dragged over direct from HX (Helix LT) into Native, so shouldnt be any change (i guess leaving the wah on would be a big one but that was off). 

Im liking your idea of block by block from empty preset - ill try that next.


Monitoring of both options was done through same headphones plugged into the back of the Helix floor.


Regarding low DRY signal from HelixLT.  I wish they could pump it up a little coz when you zoom in DAW you can see the alias/stepped/jaggies in the waveform.  It really is only a problem for one of my instruments that has very low output.   Ive upped the sample rate to 48k in Global on the LT to try compensate.

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Let us know how your experimenting goes. Its challenging to eliminate all variables to get identical sound from a computer/software vs a dedicated piece of hardware, but Line 6 states that the DSP code is the same between Helix and Native, so theoretically you should be able to get identical results.


In my case, I'm not going through USB (Stomp) to my computer (Mac). I'm going through an audio interface (Apollo Twin), then into the Mac via Thunderbolt. I split the raw guitar signal with an active direct box; one signal goes into the Stomp and one into the Apollo. I went that route to retain all my audio ins and outs within one interface. Also, I was able to tweak levels (Apollo intput, Native input and output) to get a good Stomp-to-Native match, as well as getting what I consider to be healthier input guitar levels/waveforms in my guitar tracks. While I never took the time to to try for a perfect null test, I'm able to get a final guitar tone that sounds the same (to my tinnitus-riddled ears) through monitors, headphones, or PA.

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