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Pat Metheny clean tones ?


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7 hours ago, chrisgriffiths said:

Thanks Sascha.  Yes, in the article you sent, Pat mentions the Digitech 2101 dsp guitar preamp.  THat's ideally what I'd like to emulate in HX/Helix.


Well, it's a pretty generic clean sound, check the Jazz Rivet. Really, Metheny's basic sound isn't anything to write home about. A rather balanced totally clean sound with maybe some mid-emphasis will do.

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1 hour ago, brue58ski said:

I don't know if you know this but he did use chorus on his delay repeats but not his dry signal.  At least he used to. 


It's not exactly a chorus but a pitching effect that is modulated (I know, a chorus is pretty much that, but the HX choruses aren't ideal to replicate that). Unfortunately, there's no modulators inside the Helix, so our best bet would perhaps still be the chorus, though.

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