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Preset Levels between Helix Stomp and Helix Native

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Hi all,

I need confirmation on something before I get too deep. I am getting all my sounds ready for a 6 month cruise gig which is an acoustic guitar gig. I will be utilizing my HX STOMP and on Stage I will be plugging into my Martin which is set up for dual sources. 


HX Stomp Left (K&K pure mini pickup)



The levels that are going into my STOMP are the levels coming out of my guitar and this will not change. I want to record what is coming out of my guitar thru my STOMP out of USB 5 and 6 into PRO Tools input 5 and 6. I intend on mixing my acoustic with the backing tracks in Pro Tools to get my guitar sounds and levels spot on with HELIX NATIVE.
I plan on taking time getting my acoustic and snapshots for each tune dialed in and sounding great. To do this I will do some IR blending, EQ. panning with some verb and save my preset back to my STOMP.

NOW THIS is where I am concerned. Does anyone know FOR SURE if the levels that I recorded through my HX STOMP out of USB 5 and 6 into Pro Tools 5 and 6 will be at the correct volume going into Helix Native?? Or do they need to be raised or lowered in any way?????  I need these presets to be spot on when I transfer it back to my HX STOMP. I saw on a post here somewhere that I need to raise the levels +6 DB before going into Native. Does anyone have the official word on this. 
Thanks so much!






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Are you referring to your earlier thread? At this point, you seem to be one of the most official words on the topic (the Line 6 officials don't participate in this forum to my knowledge). Perhaps you could do some null tests and experiments to put your mind at ease before setting sail. Please share your results, though, because I'm interested in your findings.




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