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Baritone pitch shift?


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I have a buddy who has a helix and is able to make his guitar sound like a baritone guitar, ie “Killin Time” by Clint Black. My question is, how do I set my HD500 to do that? Sorry, just bought me a HD500 to power my Variax, so I’m pretty new to this.

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The virtual tuning of the Variax and the transposing function that can be obtained with the POD pitch shifter effect both work on the same basic principle, except that the signal of each Variax string is transposed and processed separately while the POD pitch shifter transposes the signal mix of all the strings together, which is why you get better results with the virtual tuning of the Variax (as already suggested by spaceatl).

If you have already learned a song in standard tuning and want to play it with a baritone tuning (which is nothing more than the standard tuning 5 half steps down), nothing changes from the point of view of the guitar playing if the baritone tuning is obtained through virtual tuning of the Variax or with the POD pitch shifter.

The important thing is in both cases that the amplified signal is loud enough to cover the acoustic sound coming from the guitar.

If you decide to use the POD's pitch shifter IMO it is best to put it at the beginning of the chain so that it acts on the still unprocessed clean signal (pure, without the harmonics added later by distortion) of the guitar.



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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HD500 can do pitch shift. It shifts every note that comes through it - perfect for changing standard tuning to standard tuning of a different pitch. Whether it be A440 to A432 or EADGBE to ADGCEA

Variax guitars can pitch shift individual strings, which makes it the only choice for alternate tunings (DADGBE, DADGAD). 

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