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My Friends Helix is stuck at "Rebuilding Preset 530"


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Hello I have an issue on my friends helix that we were updating his Helix to the latest update but it completed and it was starting to rebuild the presets but got stuck on preset 530 and its been there for a long time, we've turned it off and on and it kept staying at the same place so we found articles that it may be that it has a corrupted file so we are looking for assistance into getting this issue fixed!


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Check HelixHelp.com for the Tips and Tricks section where you will find the Power On Reset button combinations.


Do the Power On Factory Reset for the respective Helix device. Then, uninstall all Helix Line 6 software and drivers from the computer you are using for the update procedure.


Next, log into your (or your friend's) Line 6 account and download and install clean/latest versions of HX Edit. The HX Edit install procedure will install all Helix software and drivers on the computer.


Then, connect the Helix unit to the computer and launch HX Edit. HX Edit should lead you from there.


If the above fails to get you up to 3.11 (the latest firmware and HX Edit versions), you'll need to contact Line 6 Customer Support. Give them a call or submit a Support Ticket; they'll get you going. 


[Note: Line 6 Updater is an entirely separate download and install.]

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Not sure if the solution below will work on a hung upgrade but you can try it. Might want to try MusicLaw's recommendation first though. Depends on whether you have backups or not.


If it is starting and hanging on preset 530 every time you can hold down FS 11&12(this is the delete/clear current preset reset combination for the Helix) while you start. This might delete the current preset(in this case 530) and may enable the rebuild to complete if you don't have more corrupt presets or a corrupt setlist. Might be worth a try if all else fails or if you want to try a quick fix.

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