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Anyone Using A Dt50 With Jettenuator?

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That is an an attenuator/direct box.  It's kind of redundant as you have an XLR direct output on the back of the amp itself.


It apparently goes for the same price as the Airbrake (that I use AND LOVE).


Many of us use the Airbrake.  For it's price point it's excellent quality.  Dr. Z has a good reputation.


There is a review here of the Jettenuator: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1228696


He speaks highly of the unit.  His main concern being that the 1st/lowest attenuating setting takes off too much volume making it not useful in his band setting.  He also uses a 50 watt amp.


Anyway... I hope this helps.



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Thanks for the response PDKTDK,


I have read your review of the DT50/Dr Z Airbrake, and the Airbrake sounds like a unit that works good with  the DT50 (which I own).


But the price difference is over $100. I am looking for a "tamer" for the amp. I have used the direct out of the amp, that works great.


I know the Jettenuator is fairly new, but was wondering if anyone has tried it with the DT50.


I only use the amp live, 4-5 times a year , but would like to have attenuator for achieving the "tube warmness" sound at lower volumes.


For bedroom levels, I use my studio computer (Scuffham Amps), so wouldn't use it as much for that.


Still deciding on what to get,


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