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I've recently been looking around to find an affordable JTV 69 in my area, and i came across some online sellers trading JTV 69 in a Shoreline Gold. which I love the color but given that the Line 6 Website doesn't show the 69 being available in the gold i'm a little sceptical as to whether these are legitimate or not. anyone able to help clear up the mystery? or is it just one of the many US custom colors?

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Is it a 69 or a 69S? Shoreline Gold is one of the finish choices for the Korean 69S, but it's not available for the Korean 69. It is available for the US 69, though.


I do see what you mean, though, about it not showing up on the website. I don't think they discontinued that finish for the 69S, but I'm not sure. It looks like it's still available at retailers.

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