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Jtv-69 Replacement Neck Questions

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I've scoured the forums on this and I can't seem to find all the answers to my questions.


I'm interested in doing a neck transplant for my JTV-69, its one of the earliest stock of the korean versions so it does have some issues with the neck.


Its now out of warranty, so I am looking to make some improvements to the hardware but I don't want to effect the technology. 


I'm looking to replace with a standard fender neck but the ones I can find on ebay in the UK (which are sparse as I don't want to spend 000s on a new neck.


One replacement neck I am looking at now has 21 frets whereas the standard neck on the 69 has 22.  Does anyone know if you can transplant a 21 fret neck onto the jtv-69?


Also I am interested in turning my HSS into an SSS, probably replacing all the pickups, if anyone has had any experience of this I would love to hear it.



Thanks in advance.



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Check out this one.


As far as the a 21 fret neck is concerned, ...I've got a feeling that "mathematically" speaking it won't fit. It means that u are changing scale length, so the whole "resonance" of the instrument will be different. But I am not a luthier, so may be I am wrong.


For the HSS 2 SSS conversion check out this one:


JTV Pickup Wiring Diagrams

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A number of guys have gone with the Mighty Mite necks and been pleased with the results. They can be found any number of places online. I recall a thread in which someone who claimed to have worked for Warmoth said that their strat necks would not fit the JTV for some reason, but I have a Warmoth neck on one of my Strats, and a buddy who did a transplant with his 69. Just for laughs, I took the neck off the strat just to see if it would fit in the neck pocket of the 69 body, and it slipped right it with no issues. Not too tight, not too loose.Obviously the holes didn't line up so I couldn't put strings on, but I measured all the heel dimensions of both necks, and they were exactly the same, so I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work...but then again this was only half an experiment. I should also note that the Warmoth neck in question is about 15 years old, so who knows if their specs have changed slightly since then???

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The only issue I have heard of with the Warmoth neck is that the holes do not line up.  That's easy to deal with.


And if you're buying a new one, they don't come pre-drilled least they didn't way back when. Can't imagine they do now...

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The 21 fret neck might fit but it depends on the 22 that was on it. Is it an overhanging 22 fret neck? If so they should be interchangeable like many fender guitars. If not, the necks may be slightly different in length and mount differently. Best to stay with a 22 fret neck.

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Hi. I have just replaced the neck on my jtv-69 (made in korea). It is a 21 fret neck and the neck is a typical strat neck. It was made in Japan, an wow what a neck! Its a bit thinner and another shape (dont know what shape) but for me its an incredible upgrade. It also sound better now.


The simulation sounds is just the same as before. (I really dont like those sounds, but its fun to use at home sometimes) The only simulation that sounds ok to me is the telecaster. So I sometimes use that with a drop-d. I also have the pod hd 500x and a dt25, but will sell the dt25 soon. I use the pod hd 500 as a effect pedal board live, and home with my macbook.


I am now thinking of changing the pups... maybe Lollar. Any ideas what will be good for that guitar? I am playing jazz, blues, country, pop, fusion and so on.

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I just finished mine. Ordered the maple/maple from Stewmac. Took about 10 min to swap it out, another 15 to get it playing.


Best thing I've ever done to any guitar I have ever owned (putting a Stetsbar on a Les Paul came in a close 2nd...)

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I have relatively small hands.  I have been playing the Gibson scale for decades and on my Tele and my Strat I replaced the necks with '59 Les Paul profile Warmoth necks with the "Warmoth" compound radius and the 24.75" scale length.  


When I bought my JTV-69 I tried to adjust to the neck shape (very thick, yet narrow and no compound radius).  Never felt right.  I just put a neck like above on it (I had one lying around).  Had to drill out and fill the screw holes with maple dowels first.  The JTV neck pocket was a little bigger than the Fender pocket (maybe 1 mm). Temporarily clamped it in place, drilled new holes and voila!  I had to raise the saddles a little to match the radius and adjust the spring tension on the tremolo, but was shocked to find that the intonation was still spot on without any saddle movement forward/backward.


If you like the '59 Les Paul Gibson neck feel, this is the way to go.  Before doing this, I was considering sending the JTV back.  Also spent a couple of hours tweaking the sounds in Workbench after updating the factory presets.  It is now a very fine instrument.



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