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HX Stomp questions: Tap/Tuner separation and preset swithching on FS hold - is it possible?


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Hi everyone! Finally, got a HX Stomp, mostly because of lastet update and new reverb tank - "Hot spring" is amazing! I am in process of rebuilding my presets - Im trying to recreate presets and sounds that I have used to while using old Zoom G3. And while doing this - I faced some strange difficulties. So, I have some questions, hope you can help me. I use mostly the stomp mode - and I need to list some presets sometimes.


1) Most important one: why in Command Center I can assign FS "press-hold" action for snapshot listing - but I cant do same thing for presets? I want to use FS bypass mode on press and "next preset" on hold - but I cant. I only can use it for snapshots, or looper etc but not for presets. Why? Is there some reason for not having "press-hold" mode in Command Center for presets? Or, maby, "hold" FS action for changing modes? Also, possibility of "mode change" (for switching between stomp mode/snapshot mode/preset mode) can be great.

2) Why I cant separate tuner and tap/tempo? I never use tap-tempo on stage, I use tap-tempo only while creating new presets and dont need this on stage during gigs. But I do use my bigsby bar a lot - and I need to use a tuner sometimes. Why I cant separate them and use, for example, "press" FS3 for bypass/enable assigned effect - and "hold" for tuner? I used to this when I was using Zoom G3 and Zoom MS pedals - but it seems that it is impossible on HX stomp: if I assign some FS, FS3 for example, to "tap-tempo/tuner" mode - only this actions can be made. But for other actions - actions in Command Center have greater priority: if I use FS2 for bypass effect and assign in Command Center "press-release" action for preset change - I will get preset change on pressing FS2 because Command Center action overrides FS bypass assign. But - if I use FS3 for tap-tempo/tuner and do the same (press-release for preset change on FS3) - Command Center actions will be ignored completely on FS3 - only tap-tempo on press and tuner on hold. Why it does not override in this situation?


Because of 1 and 2 - I have to use external FS4+FS5 footswitch for same situations in which only three switches were enough when I used Zoom G3. This is not very comfortable.

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Well the "why" is that it's not designed into the unit that way.  And the reason for that is it's posted here rather than on Ideascale which is where suggestions are reviewed by Line 6.

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On 6/21/2021 at 6:28 PM, hellsq said:

Why I cant separate tuner and tap/tempo? I never use tap-tempo on stage,


It doesn't answer your questions exactly, BUT - if you don't use Tap on stage, then don't program any effects to use TIME. Hard code the MS values and tap will have no effect on the delays/modulation ,etc.. When you do that - the TAP won't do anything, and it simply becomes a TUNER control. The only downside is that you still have to WAIT for the tuner to kick in :)  


It might seem like a bit of an inconvenience at first, but learning how to convert "time/division" into "MS Values" is extremely valuable to know.  (EG: "120BPM / 1/4 note" = 500MS..... 1/8th note = 250ms, etc... etc... ).

Another option... do a MIDI loopback in the device (midi cable connection between midi out & in)... then program the TUNER on/off midi values for the footswitch you want. The tuner is INSTANT using this method. 

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