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Pod Go Whammy or Guitar out of tune?


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I'm not worried about the guitar tone, that's on me since I'm new with this device, the problem is the whammy effect goes mad! when I play that chord. I made sure the guitar was in tune (D standard), the guitar is very bad and doesn't hold the tune very well, but that whammy sound produces me nightmares.


The pedal seems to be alright when I use it with volume and wah, and the effect I'm using is Pitch Wham. It's a matter of having the guitar perfectly on tune or is it a software problem?

Does anyone had a similar problem? It's my first day with the Pod Go and I don't know I've I should ask for another one or is it my fault.


whammy out of tune_.mp3

First of all I'm a total noob, sorry for the audio. In the audio file recorded with my phone I tried to play the whammy riff from Stranded - Gojira and as you can hear isn't nearly close.

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