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Best Way To Amplify A Variax 700 Acoustic

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I have a Variax 700 acoustic that I'm quite happy with. It is a nice playing instrument, feels good to hold live, and provides a lot of good, flexible sounds. 


I'm wondering what's the best way to connect this to an amplifier. Here's my guess from best to worse. 




Probably best because it would have higher bit depth and sample rate than the other solutions, and maybe better D to A converters. But the A to D converters are in the guitar - so that's a constant. 


One drawback is that there's no amp models for acoustic guitar. But that can be worked around with effect choices.


2. Direct to PA (or other analog amp)


This uses the D to A converters and preamps in the guitar. Not sure how these compare to either the POD HD or X3 since we don't have the specs. But at least the signal chain is shorter - generally a plus. Compression, EQ and other effects can often be quite good in a modern digital mixer, providing most of what would be needed.


3. POD X3 Live


This seems to loose quite a bit of the high end compared to direct to a PA- perhaps because of a lower sampling frequency that might be more appropriate for electric guitar. Hard to tell without the specs. But its pretty obvious to the ear. 


That said, the vintage preamp tends to give the variax acoustic a nice warm tone, even though the sparkle is a bit missing. This is also pretty convenient live.


Anyone got another opinion, recommendations or observations?





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I personally use my Acoustic 700 with my HD500 via a VDI cable and then go straight into the P.A. via XLR.


I don't use ANY amps for my acoustic sound, I let the pure tone of the acoustic shine through... to be honest I think using an amp with an acoustic guitar is kind of redundant unless you are going for specifically "out there" sounds in which case, I doubt it matters if the amps used are acoustic based or not.


My sound is crystal clear and full of body and I can add any combination of FX via the HD500 so I am never at the mercy of a sound engineer (though I usually do my own sound via my M20d anyway). I've been complimented on my acoustic tone many a time while gigging.


My advice: forget about acoustic amps modelled or otherwise.

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Thanks for the response, and I do see your logic. I can detect on the POD X3 Live for example that the Variax 700 i much brighter direct into the PA, or bypassing the X3 (using the tuner bypass setting). However, I also found that the Vintage preamp on the X3 Live gives a much warmer, darker sound that I quite like. 


So I guess diversity is our friend.

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I use a Zoom A2.1u and a Bose Compact. I had to sell my sould to the devil, sell any organs that were doubled up, Multiple trips to the blood bank and offer my body for medical experiments to afford it but it was worth it!!! Only joking :-)

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