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I was updating new firmware update to my helix lt and then my laptop did shut down because update. And now my helix says "Boot Failure, Entere Update Mode!" It doesn't show up in HX edit software it just says "no device connected". 

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Here are two links that address how to solve, one by using Edit and one by using updater. Remember

  • Pick one ore the other. You can't run Updater and Edit at the same time.
  • If you reinstall your edit (I have a habit to uninstall the old version and install a fresh one...) do not uncheck any boxes, just click next untill installed. 
  • As you have a laptop be sure that it's going to sleep during the the update, set power management so it's stay on all the time. On my PC (not a lap top) I have turned of power saving and double checked that the USB-ports are not allowed to be powered down)

Here is two links that probably address your problem

  • From Datacomando - 
  • From SaschaFranck - 


If you make a forum search on eg "Boot Failure" you will find a numerus of threads addressing this (also som more tips what to do) and the solution cooks down to the two above.


Hope it helps. //Per



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