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Hello All,


I have a Helix Floor and 2 PC+. In Helix edit, I would like to have one amp model on the top stereo path and one amp model on the second stereo path. I want the top amp model to come out of my left PC+ and the bottom amp model to come out of the right PC+. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this? I am using L6 link.


any help is much appreciated



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Try this as a starting point (feel free to change EVERYTHING as this is just a starting template I use).


Its intended to have a seperate amp each side and full cabs etc through the XLRs and I use it with PC+ using the digital out for speaker models and/or FRFR depending on use.


For the PC+ you will need to change the line output to digital and then you can control the cabs iseperately as I uploaded it for someone wanting to send outputs to a JC120.

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This will depend on which PC+ model you're using, 112 or 212. Since you specified using two stereo paths, I assume you have two PC212+ cabs, else you don't need separate stereo paths.

Using L6 Link, you may have a problem, since, IIRC, there's a bug when using two PC212+ cabs. Sorry, I don't remember the details.


In either case, in theory, when you connect L6 Link from Helix to Cab 1 and Cab 1 to Cab 2 (via L6 Link), by default Cab 1 is configured as LEFT and Cab 2 is configured as RIGHT.


In your preset, have separate Output Blocks for each amp path. Pan one LEFT and the other RIGHT.


Since I only have a single PC212+, I can't personally attest to how well this works and, as mentioned, I don't recall the details of the bug.


Let me know how it turns out.



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