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EQ Pedal before or after HD500X


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I’m hoping someone has done this before and can offer up advice, and I will try both ways myself, but just wondering if anyone can give me a why or why not.......

When playing live I now use my HD500X straight to the mixing desk. I usually take at least 2 guitars to a gig, a Strat, and something with humbuckers, and I change guitars for different songs regularly. 

I have the problem of the Strat having less output than my other guitars. I have my Pod set up pretty much how I want it, with midi from the backing track player automatically changing patches, so I don’t want to double up on patches and reprogram the tracks just for the Strat, or add a volume pedal into patches that don’t already have it.

I’m thinking an easy solution to this could be to run an EQ stomp box to boost the Strat. I don’t want to put the pedal in the FX loop of the Pod because I use that for a clean dB boost for solos on all patches (a really cool trick with a patch lead).


Should I run the EQ pedal before the Pod so it’s a boost straight from the guitar or run it after the Pod so it boosts the whole signal chain?


Cheers in advance!

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in this instance, you would want to put it before the Pod. 

*between the guitar and Pod. 



See, your Pod is receiving a different signal, therefore it will react differently. 

What you want to do is put it before the Pod so that it receives the same signal and will reacts the same. 



*They sell signal boosters made for this reason. Some can be plugged directly into the guitar before the cord. Some have predetermined settings, other allow some customization. 

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Thanks Pianoguyy.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I did try it with a cheap boost pedal that I had kicking around and it worked, but I was getting audible interference, even when it wasn’t engaged. I’ll invest in a decent EQ pedal. At least that way I’ve also got more range if I want to boost any frequencies 

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