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Confusion recording DI track to external interface via USB 7 in Logic Pro X


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Forgive my noobness here.


I have searched high and low on YouTube and have read the manual (pg. 56) for the Helix LT. So I am reaching out for help for the very first time on here.


All I want to do is track my usual XLR out signal into my DAW via inputs 1/2, while also having a dry signal recorded as well. The issue I am having is, when I select input 7, no signal is coming through. My current set up is a UAD Apollo Twin with an 8 pre Scarlett coming in via ADAT. I have my in and out in Logic set to my UAD Apollo. I can not for the life of my figure out how to set the input on a track to receive the USB 7 signal. 


My output of the helix is set to Multi, and my ramp source is set to USB 7. 


Thank you!



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The USB outs only work when the Helix is the AI.


Take a split at the beginning of the signal chain and send it to a separate channel on the Scarlett.

OR, if using a wireless with dual outs, take one to a separate channel. Defeats the Auto Impedance feature, as your PUPs will be loaded at 1M.

OR get an A/B box to split your signal before Helix. Also defeats the Auto Impedance feature, as most A/B boxes are 1M.

OR,  either wireless or A/B and don't use FX that require Input Impedance <1M.


You can't have everything, but you COULD use Helix as your AI.


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