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I have had a lovely time with my Variax 700 Acoustic.I managed to get all the sounds done, used workbench to program and save many altered tuning types..


Recently the  RPS-AB Box failed and does not work gets 10V AC into it OK but does not send out any voltage via the TSR cable to VARIAX.


OK I can use batteries or get a Line 6 POD XL Live and use Variax cable for power.


Disaster !!!!


The Variax 700 Acoustic has packed up at guitar end.


 Selector knob is now frozen with the Red alternate tuning selected, totally not working no green light, or flashing yellow red light.


Totally not working correctly.


So I go and try the VARIAX RJ45 coms cable to older Line 6 USB to see if I can get Workbench to alter anything.


No ! Workbench does not recognize device and the USB device show RED no communications on Variax input.


OK these are old instruments, but surely Line 6 must have stored away lots of spare parts.


I contacted Line6 support and they basically said they cannot or will not cannot help. No circuit diagrams available nothing. Thanks for nothing Line6.


Can anybody supply circuit boards, or carry our repairs.


Line 6 has over the years shown little interest in customer support, I was hoping being under Yamaha now we would see some help for what bhey call Legacy products.


I tried Workbench with my old VARIAX 300 and it works fine.


Help me please.




XPS-AB box.jpg

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I have had a similar journey w my Acoustic 700.  I’ve been using it as my main gig guitar for 16 years.  I still love it.  However it was abandoned by Line 6 and it seemed they resented the guitar itself.  No support, no referrals to service centers, no parts.  The guitar remains the best and certainly the most versatile of its kind.  I need several parts to even take on a gig now.  It's a bummer. I have purchased new items at Line 6, but I wonder how well they will support them

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" No support, no referrals to service centers, no parts. " --- Have you reached out to Customer Support?  I don't see a Support ticket in your account.

There is an authorized service center finder for locating service centers in your area,... https://line6.com/find/service_center/

And certain repairs can still be done at Line 6 itself, depending on what it needs and parts availability.


" I need several parts to even take on a gig now. " --- Have you tried Full Compass? There may be a few parts still available.


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