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Looping With Spider Jam And Fbv Express Mk Ii

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hi all,

I am still very new to this and wondered if anybody could help. i recently bought a spider jam and fbv express mkII and wondered if somebody could talk me through how to loop without any tracks and if it is possible to loop on two separate banks bringing each one in and out. eg having a layered verse on one and a layered chorus on another?


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Assuming the Spider Jam has a looper function?  You should ask this question in the Spider Jam section of these forums.  You cannot set a loop in one patch and then play in another one with the Spider IV.

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Certainly move this thread to the Spider forum.


What you ask for is certainly possible. I usually use drums only to get a tempo; You need to get used to the interface. You can do it without the drums, but then the timing is all on you - with the drums, the loop seems to restart on the beat so the loop sounds better.


To use the Express for start/stop you need to set the mode - each time you power cycle the amp. The amp forgets this setting when you power off.


To change the tone, record your first layer, stop recording (loop can continue to play) change the tone using the controls or foot switch, then record your next layer, repeat as desired.


Spider Jam is an excellent amp with a lot of great tones and easy to use features. Takes a little getting used to but overall, a great piece of equipment.


One word of caution: I bought the Spider Jam several years ago. Since then I've purchased a ton of Line6 products including a dream rig. I still use the spider jam on a regular basis in my home rehearsal studio.

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