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HX Stomp | Exp pedal issue (Boss FV500 (L))


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When I connect my Boss volume pedal to my HX Stomp, it seems to mess with the signal. 


When connecting the 'Exp' to the Stomp, the parameters are reversed. This is no problem since I can re-reverse them in HX edit. However, the sweep only goes down from about 40% to a 100% sweep.

Connecting the mono out makes a sweeps from 14% to a 100%. And when connecting the stereo outputs through a TRS cable, the sweep starts at 7% till 100%. Also the sweep drops from 100% quickly to 5% and then gets back up to around 7%.


From reading online and these blogs, I couldn't directly find a solution. 

Anyone else experienced something similair with their volume / exp pedals? Is there any workaround besides buying a different exp pedal? 

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I own the same pedal (just in the high impedance volume pot version). You need a custom TRS to TS cable, cutting out the ring and only keeping sleeve and tip. TRS side plugged into Boss exp, and TS plugged to stomp. You also want a Y cable for the stomp EXP port (TRS to TS/TS), and plug the pedal in one of the two.



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