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HX Stomp / DT50 / MIDI / DT Edit


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I started using my HX Stomp into Poweramp-In of my DT50 amplifier. First, I thought that it might be too much work with all the MIDI setup. But: I used DT Edit to change the Topologies I, II, III and IV to my needs (no mic, no cab, no reverb...) and programmed four HX Stomp Presets named Top I, Top II, ... as a starting point with the MIDI command for the DT50s Topologys in Command Center. Done!

Played a preset with Topology IV and the Diezel Preamp, nice!!!

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Congratulations.  Great amp integration.  That's what a lot of folks did to integrate their Helix to the DT amps prior to the update for line6 link control.    I'm sure some Stomp owners would appreciate you sharing those 4 presets on Customtone.

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I would share those presets, but the settings are stored at the DT50. The Stomp is just sending MIDI CC 122 and the values:


0 = Channel A Voicing I

1 = Channel A Voicing II

2 = Channel A Voicing III

3 = Channel A Voicing IV


You have to use DT Edit.

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