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Amp1 channel switching not responding to HX Effects snapshots midi


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I have successfully programmed channel switching on the HX effects for my Amp1 via different presets using bank PC commands but for some reason when I try and do this in snapshot mode, assigning the same values in the separate snapshots - 1,2,3,4 etc. Nothing happens...


Rx and tx clock is off and I've followed several videos and guides on this but no joy - I tried factory resets on the amp1 and upgraded to firmware version 3.11 on the HX and I have tried to do this also using the HX edit but it just does not work


Ive contacted Line6 support but no response since their initial email, has anyone else had this or is there something I'm missing? Is there any history of defective units in this regard?

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Connect to a computer by USB. Be sure that MIDI over USB is enabled.  Use a MIDI Monitor to see what is actually being sent when you change Snapshots.

If you're getting both the Bank Change CC and the PC# as expected, there's a new parameter in v3.x called WAIT TIME. Some devices require a pause between commands or the second command doesn't register. Try that starting with 2ms and working up. IDK why it would differ Preset vs Snapshot (maybe because a Preset takes longer to load than a Snapshot?), but it's worth a try. I don't have the HXFX (Floor and HXS) or I'd say upload a preset for me to look at.

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