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Pod 2.0 Comunication With Pc

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Let's see if this helps:


First always use the usb ports on the rear of the computer (assuming it is a desktop).


When connecting your usb/midi adapter you have connect it like this:  the cable port marked "out" into the Pod's port marked "in" then connect the other one (in -> out). It is odd but its the first thing to check. The plug in the usb side and fire up L6 Monkey.


If it still doesn't work try reversing them. Out-> Out and In -> In. Yes I know it shouldn't work but I have a few GNXs which will only connect that way.


On a WinXp machine the Pod 2 and Floorpod Plus connect reliably using the cheapo USB/Midi cable and also the M-Audio Uno.


As far as the driver goes I wouldn't worry about it until the L6 Monkey ''sees the pod'' then you can use that to update any driver issues.


Hope that helps!


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1.  There is no driver for POD 2.0

2.  DO NOT use the cables that Tinyfireball suggested.  Most users that are having problems are using those cables.  They do not work 100% of the time.  Use something reliable, like M-Audio MIDISport Uno.

3.  Connect the POD 2.0 via MIDI as BillBee described above

4.  Download and Run Line 6 Edit 3.06.0 from here

5.  Line 6 Edit should see your POD 2.0

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